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With CrowdWorx Qualcomm is engaging employees into the creation process of new ideas and use cases, which have the potential to drive future digital mobile and wireless technologies.


Continental engages in a global innovation discussion with its employees with CrowdWorx collecting ideas and trends from its local subsidiaries.

Munich Re

CrowdWorx' platform is the backbone of Munich Re’s global crowdsourcing effort, which powers the idea pipeline of Munich Re USA, Latin America, and Europe.

Volkswagen Logo

With CrowdWorx® Volkswagen is tapping the front-line knowledge and experience of thousands of sales employees to collect ideas for global cost reductions.

BA Logo

German Federal Employment Agency: Employee ideas collected & evaluated with CrowdWorx® yield measureable internal improvements within three months. Plus: Team members are now more engaged as their voices get heard.

Nestle Logo

With CrowdWorx® Nestlé conducts ground-breaking Open Innovation Crowdsourcing. Not only generating new ideas but also predicting the market potential with CrowdWorx' built-in Social Forecasting™ tools.

Syngenta Logo

With CrowdWorx® Syngenta has eyes and ears all over the market place. CrowdWorx® provides early warning signals for the corporate strategy in a highly volatile market and achieves an accuracy of up to 98%!

Deutsche Telekom Logo

CrowdWorx provides executives with answers to challenging questions by tapping the knowledge of 240,000 employees and converting it into actionable and specific answers. Management gets results within one week in the form of crisp and clear reports.

Vodafone Logo

CrowdWorx motivates the Vodafone sales force to share their experience with each other. This way the whole sales organization can continuously improve and perform better.


CrowdWorx provides decision support to executive level staff by tapping into the market knowledge of employees at more than 100 locations. Collective Intelligence is an integral part of the planning and strategy process at Zeppelin.

Henkel Logo

Henkel uses the Collective Intelligence of their employees to forecast sales of FMCG. This provides Henkel with a competitive edge in a fast-moving market.


CrowdWorx enables more accurate and faster evaluations of price points and market potential of new products in all phases of the stage gate process.


Within one week, the leading European Social Network collected dozens of ideas from its employees how to grow its user base given the fierce competition from global players.

Tchibo Logo

This European retailer with 2,000 outlets achieved a 90% cost reduction and a significant speed-up in its new product validation process using CrowdWorx.

CrowdWorx Logo Kunden ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp Automotive Group: 15,000 employees in 25 countries are connecting using CrowdWorx to provide their input on a wide spectrum of topics for HQ and for various departments.


New insights within 1 day: Crowdsourcing real-time conversations with customers using the integrated CrowdWorx platform and consumer panels.

What clients say

We‘ve checked them all and CrowdWorx is the ultimate Collective Intelligence solution.

– Senior Marketing Manager, Deutsche Telekom (global telecoms corporation)

The insights we’ve generated with CrowdWorx are fascinating.

– Senior Marketing Manager, Deutsche Telekom (global telecoms corporation)

The CrowdWorx software is quite easy to use and it’s thrilling to follow the live forecast.

– participant, Henkel AG (global consumer goods manufacturer)

CrowdWorx generates feedback from colleagues and one starts talking more with colleagues from different departments.

– Key Account Manager, Henkel AG (global consumer goods manufacturer)

The system just looks fantastic and perfectly matches our Corporate ID.

– Head of Global Strategy, Deutsche Telekom (global telecoms corporation)

… even if somebody provides a poor answer, this mistake is almost immediately removed by others.

– Factory Manager, Henkel AG (global consumer goods manufacturer)

This is exiting!

– Division Manager, BITKOM (Largest European ICT industry association)

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