CrowdWorx® Hosting, Integrations, and Security

Get the most out of your CrowdWorx deployment with our built-in integrations

CrowdWorx® Integrations

Whether its Single-Sign-On, LDAP, SAP, OrgData, or other systems: Integrations can significantly increase the efficiency of using CrowdWorx. By connecting CrowdWorx to your IT systems, you can increase participation, unify search across all company data sources, or even automate processes and speed-up decision-making.


Simple and secure login for employees with their company account.

ActiveDirectory, LDAP

Transporting employee data like name, job title, department, manager, interests etc. into the CrowdWorx system.

SAP HR & Payment Processing

Automated payment processing with your accounting department, SAP HR, or other systems.


Import and daily sync of the organizational structure, managers, departments etc.


Our freely programmable API for the exchange of any data with any system.

Federated Search

Integration of the CrowdWorx search into your global company search.

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Learn more about the possibilities of integrating CrowdWorx efficiently into your IT landscape.

Security, Data Privacy & GDPR

  • Security: The entire CrowdWorx application is secured and tested according to the standards of the ISO/IEC 27000 series (ISO/IEC 27000 family).
  • Data protection: The entire process chain is secured in accordance with GDPR as well as other high-security measures, including access monitoring, central log servers, logged data destruction and more.
  • Audit trails and logging of all relevant processing according to GDPR.
  • Roles & rights management: Deep & granular control of all rights up to the visibility of individual fields for certain roles, groups and users!

Scalability & Accessibility

  • The CrowdWorx software scales reliably from 50 users to 500,000 users and offers the best response times.
  • Certified accessibility according to WCAG 2.0.
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