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Higher-quality ideas, Faster decisions, Increased financial ROI

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Idea Management Software - Done right

Higher-quality ideas

Smart assistants help submitters increase the quality of their ideas and automatically check for duplicates

Higher participation rates

with an easy-to-use tool and continuous automated feedback to idea submitters

Faster decisions

by automating the process and the routing of ideas, e.g. by automatically assigning domain experts to ideas

Increased financial ROI

with smart tools helping experts and decision makers taking the right decisions

CrowdWorx – Award-winning Idea Management Software

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The CrowdWorx® Idea Management Software at a Glance

Transforming your Idea Management

The CrowdWorx® Idea Management Software takes your idea management to a new level. With a comprehensive feature set, mobile tools, and smart automations we increase idea quality, financial ROI, and employee engagement.


  • End-to-end automation of the idea management process reduces workload
  • Flexible workflows adjusted for each idea type reduce processing times and increase employee motivation
  • Submitting ideas from any device using mobile devices or PCs, without the need to install apps

Evaluation, Decision, Implementation

Quickly select & implement the best ideas with CrowdWorx’ Decision and Implementation Tools.


  • Automatic forwarding to the right decision-makers and project owners, all within the idea management tool
  • Smart assistants help all roles in taking the right decisions
  • Each idea has an individual team implementing the idea with a clear time lines and budget

Idea Challenges & Idea Campaigns

Idea Campaigns are a popular tool for periodic use in idea management programs. They are a highly effective tool for collecting ideas, solutions, improvements for a given problem from a broad audience (both internal or internal users).


  • Campaign wizard for managers for creating a campaign within 5 minutes
  • Multiple parallel idea campaigns with internal and external participants
  • Discussion and voting tools
  • Automatic results delivery as PPTX, DOCX, or XLSX downloads

CrowdWorx Spaces™

Structure your idea management with CrowdWorx® Spaces. Each country, each business unit or region can keep its ideas in a separate area (space).


  • Each Space has its own idea process, own roles, own screening tools etc.
  • Access: Decide who should have access to a Space
  • Reporting: Each Space has its own reporting dashboard. At the same time, all Spaces are integrated in the global reporting allowing for benchmarking across Spaces.

Reporting & KPIs in one idea management tool

Use the most advanced and flexible Idea Management Reporting Module on the market. Control all innovation activities from your dashboard.


  • Build any report within 10 seconds with our proprietary Idea Management Reporting Module.
  • KPIs, charts, tables, data downloads of PowerPoint-Charts or XLSX-files, public and private reports and much more
  • No trainings needed, simple and intuitive usability

More Highlights of the CrowdWorx® Idea Management Software

Automated processes reduce workload

Automatic workflow processes with tasks and reminders, automatic assignment of people to roles, routing of ideas, as well as a comprehensive messaging system.

Roles & Rights

Our role system and granular rights management system enables you to control who can see and do what and when. Connectors for Active Directory. LDAP, SAP etc. automates the assignment of users to roles.

Collaboration tools

Community area, notifications, comments, engaging and gamified voting tools all in one Innovation Management Software.

Utility & Rewards

Implement any reward model and utility computation rules to track impact and incentivize participants.

Video streaming

Enrich ideas and content with videos that can be uploaded and played on the platform –  like having your own Innovation YouTube.

Absolute flexibility

Use the comprehensive Configuration Workbench to customize all functions of our Idea Management Software to fully match and continuously adapt to your idea management process.

Knowledge Base

Built-in knowledge base serves as a central storage for all your innovation knowledge, e.g. a trend database, a startup database, innovation know-how, posts on innovation culture, manuals etc. Fully searchable with a built-in intelligent search function.

For all Smartphones and Tablets

Optimized for all mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. Ready for immediate mobile use without the need to install apps.

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Advantages of CrowdWorx’ Idea Management Software

Complete functionality for all idea management activities

Highly flexible and customizable for use by SMEs and global companies

Ready to launch in no time


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