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CrowdWorx® Innovation Engine™

All innovation activities in one platform

Innovation Management

Build-up the innovation capability of your organization to achieve higher growth

Idea Management

Collect, screen, route, and implement ideas quickly with our automated processes

Continuous Improvement

Increase efficiency and productivity using our lean and agile software tools

Crowdsourced Innovation

Connect people from inside and outside your organization to accelerate innovation success

Open Innovation

Innovate with customers and suppliers and source invaluable insights for new products & services

Digital Transformation Consulting

Transform your business model using our highly effective employee-supported change approach

Basics of Innovation Managment

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Introducing and running Idea Management and Innovation Management Programs

Learn how to focus your organization on Idea Management or Innovation Management Program and how to run them successfully in the long-run.

Customer Examples

CrowdWorx – Award-winning Idea and Innovation Software

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Highlights of the CrowdWorx® Innovation Engine™

We support your innovation activities

Higher participation and increased motivation

by providing transparency along the process, automated feedback to users, and fast decisions

Higher-quality ideas

with our built-in Smart Assistants, by educating users with our innovation knowledge base, and by using built-in tools for checking ideas’ quality

Reduced workload for idea managers and shorter processing times

by automating the whole process and by automatically forwarding ideas to the right decision makers

Faster implementation

by assigning an optimal workflow to each idea, Smart Assistants are helping people making the right decisions

Easy-to-use platform

for immediate use with PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets, no installations or downloading of apps

Integrated platform

for all idea and innovation processes, e.g. Idea & Innovation Management, Campaigns, Open Innovation, Trend Scouting, Best Practices, Project Management and more.

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