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CrowdWorx® Innovation Consulting

Based on more than 10 years of work in Innovation Management with many Fortune 500 companies and numerous SMEs, we have developed a deep understanding of the success factors in Innovation Consulting:

Innovation-friendly Top Management

Willingness to invest time and money in innovation projects

Innovation culture

Employees can assume entrepreneur-like responsibilities, errors are used for learnings

Quick and binding decisions

instead of endless waiting loops and feet-dragging

Structured innovation process with flexibility

A structured innovation process and flexibility must not be mutually exclusive.

Innovation marketing

one of the most underestimated success factors for the market success of an innovation


Collecting ideas from employees, customers, suppliers and startups

Innovation & Growth

Only Companies with a high innovation capability will be able to survive global competition.

The CrowdWorx Approach in Innovation Consulting

Focused, reliable, goal-oriented

Idea generation with customers, employees, suppliers., startups etc. Internal Crowdsourcing and external Customer Insights.

Idea generation with customers, employee...

Overview of all innovation activities in one tool, including KPIs, as well as all ideas, projects, roles, decisions.

Overview of all innovation activities in...

Derived from technology and market trends as well as the corporate vision. Contents: Innovation fields, search fields.

Derived from technology and market trend...

Breaking down the innovation strategy into search tasks and actions for divisions & departments. Divisions and departments must be involved in this process so they can commit to the tasks!

Breaking down the innovation strategy in...

Innovation Strategy
Innovation Strategy


Central Innovation Hub
Central Innovation Hub

Ideation & Crowdsourcing
Ideation & Crowdsourcing

Good ideas are implemented by agile teams which can be supported and trained by CrowdWorx innovation consultants.

Good ideas are implemented by agile team...


Feedback with company strategy, focus on successful areas or newly discovered markets. Continuous improvement of the innovation process.

Feedback with company strategy, focus on...

Feedback Loop
Feedback Loop
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CrowdWorx’ State-of-the-Art Toolbox for Innovation Consulting


Get an overview of global markets events and collect the trends and areas of innovation relevant to your industry – all in one integrated innovation platform.

Innovation Strategy

Together with you, we develop a holistic innovation strategy, we structure all innovation activities and align them with the overall strategy of your company.

Innovation Workshops

Break out of the ever same thought patterns and learn to develop new, creative ideas in a playful process. We use design thinking and other creativity techniques.

Ideation & Prototyping

Use various forms of ideation to generate a variety of ideas. Prioritize your innovation pipeline with our proven prioritization tools. Create prototypes and engage the most creative innovators.

Customer Insights

Enrich new ideas with market insights and get a 360-degree assessment from employees, customers and suppliers for faster market feedback.

Innovation Projects

Implement innovation projects consistently and efficiently. With our Best Practice processes you will innovate faster and ensure a smooth implementation of your innovation projects.

Innovation Consulting REWE

Case Study

Innovation Consulting at REWE

With more than 300,000 employees and a multitude of business areas innovation was scattered among many units. CrowdWorx helped REWE to setup a productive network of those innovation units and has together with this network re-imagined how innovation works at REWE. Today, REWE is a highly innovative retailer delivering new digital business models at a high pace and boasting successful spinoffs in multiple industries.

High-Speed Innovation

Learn how to turn your company into an innovation engine and how to develop innovations at high speed.