Continuous Improvement Software

Easy to use for all, generating measurable cost savings, reducing the workload for your CIP team

Continuous Improvement Process Software for All

Higher participation rates

Everybody can use CrowdWorx without training on any device, PC, Smartphone, or Tablet

Measurable cost saving

With CrowdWorx your CIP will generate cost savings and process improvements within a few months

Reduced workload

Our CIP software reduces the workload for CIP managers with automation and smart workflows

Shorter processing times

By using disciplined, well-automated CIP processes, and intelligent reporting & management tools

CrowdWorx – Award-winning Continuous Improvement Software

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The CrowdWorx® CIP Software at a Glance

Submit improvement ideas with one click

Open the submission form, enter the idea – add videos and pictures if you like – and submit with one click.


  • Simple idea submission with one click makes usage fun & simple
  • Optional automatic search for duplicate ideas
  • Optional idea quality check with hints for the submitter
  • Easy submission via Smartphone or Tablet

Disciplined Continuous Improvement Process

Standardize your CIP with our Best Practice Templates. Use custom processes for each location while maintaining global reporting KPIs for benchmarking locations.


  • End-to-end coverage of your CIP: Collect, Discuss, Route, Screen, Decide, Implement, Report on all improvement ideas
  • Fast screening of all improvement ideas with numerous evaluation tools, e.g. 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis, Plan-Do-Check-Act method, voting tools, numerical scoring, CIP experts, CIP team evaluations etc.
  • Comprehensive role system for all organizations and locations

Lean Workshops and CIP Workshops

Document all results from lean workshops and CIP workshops in a simple and efficient way.


  • Separate team lists for each workshop
  • Keep team members automatically informed about progress on each improvement measure
  • Reporting for workshop managers and CIP managers

Continuous Improvement Software for all of your locations

All CIP activities from every office and factory location in one platform. Custom CIP processes for all locations and countries.


  • Overview and management of all CIP activities and actions from all areas
  • Global benchmarking of all locations with optional access to benchmarking results for local managers
  • Ready for international use, multi-lingual

More Highlights of the CrowdWorx® Continuous Improvement Software

Automated processes reduce workload

Automatic workflow processes with tasks and reminders, automatic assignment of people to roles, routing of ideas, as well as a comprehensive messaging system.

Lean Reporting & Lean KPIs

All relevant Lean Reports and Lean KPIs are provided in real-time with charts and tables. Create your own reports within 10 seconds without any training.

Utility & Rewards

Implement any reward model and utility computation rules to track impact and incentivize participants.

Intelligent search

with synonyms and fuzzy logic searching across all ideas, all content, and all user profiles. Makes CrowdWorx a first-class innovation management knowledge base.

Video streaming

Enrich lean ideas and content with videos that can be uploaded and played on the platform –  like having your own Lean YouTube.

Survey module

Integrated survey software for soliciting feedback and opinions about improvements and lean from your users.

For all Smartphones and Tablets

Optimized for all mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. Ready for immediate mobile use without the need to install apps.

International and multilingual

CrowdWorx is available in the languages of your choice.

Request a demo

Discover our Continuous Improvement Software Tools in a 40-minute demo and get a free 30-day trial for your employees.

Customer Examples

Advantages of CrowdWorx’ Continuous Improvement Software

Complete functionality for all Continuous Improvement Processes

Highly flexible and customizable for use by SMEs and global companies

Ready to launch in no time


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