Open Innovation Plattform

State-of-the-Art Open Innovation Platform, Open Innovation with Suppliers, Startups, Partners, Open Innovation with B2C and B2B customers

Highlights of the CrowdWorx® Open Innovation Platform

State-of-the-Art Open Innovation Platform

for new ideas, services, products, trend scouting, solution scouting, technology scouting and more.

Open Innovation with Suppliers & Partners

Source know-how and ideas from suppliers, startups, universities, and other partners.

Open Innovation with B2C and B2B customers

B2C and B2B Customer Insights, collaborative product development, and fast feedback.

CrowdWorx® Open Innovation Platform for B2B and B2C

The CrowdWorx Open Innovation Platform provides agile processes for developing new products and services that are guaranteed to delight your customers. We have extensive experience with B2B and B2C audiences. From recruitment to idea development to concept testing, as well as quantitative price and sales forecasts for new ideas & concepts.

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Understand & Define

With the help of the crowd, you can identify the core problems (jobs-to-be-done) of your target groups. 
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Idea Generation

Development of solutions for identified core problems (jobs-to-be-done)

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Idea Prioritization

The crowd evaluates and identifies the truly relevant solutions among all submitted ideas

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Concept development and refinement of prioritised ideas
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Step 5
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Sales Forecast

Quantitative forecast of the sales potential of the best concepts

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Step 6
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Test & Iteration

Building and testing prototypes, iterative improvement till maturity
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Case Study

Open Innovation with Kantar TNS

The CrowdWorx® Open Innovation Platform is used exclusively by the world’s largest market research institute Kantar TNS for Open Innovation Communities.

“The CrowdWorx Open Innovation Tools enable us to offer our customers an integrated online community system along the whole open innovation value chain from ideation to market potential forecasting.”

Dr. Thomas Liehr, Senior Director Global Insights Innovations, Kantar TNS

CrowdWorx’ Community Building & Community Management Services

Recruiting your community directly into the CrowdWorx Open Innovation Platform

Instant access to your community at any time

Management and maintenance of your community

Running campaigns, concept tests and surveys

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