Crowdsourced Innovation

Highly innovative ideas from customers and suppliers, increased innovation capability of your organization, proven revenue growth from crowdsourced ideas

Crowdsourced Innovation Software

The CrowdWorx Crowdsourcing Software enables organizations to source ideas, expectations, and feedback from customers and suppliers.

Co-develop concepts, products, apps, and services with your customers, suppliers, even allowing your employees to directly interact with them.

Direct access to panels with B2B and B2C customers, as well as specialized panels, e.g. experts, doctors, decision makers etc.

With CrowdWorx® utilizing the Wisdom of the Crowd has never been easier!

Crowdsourced Innovation Software from CrowdWorx® at a Glance

For all audiences & any scale

Tap into the skills and knowledge of Customers, Suppliers, Startups, Universities, and employees. Put the best minds in the world to work on your challenges and projects.


  • Run crowdsourcing projects with any number of participants, from 10 to 100,000 or more participants.
  • Develop new products, get product feedback, solve complicated problems with the best minds from around the world.
  • Find outstanding new ideas for products and services by tapping into CrowdWorx’ access panels of creatives.

Advanced Crowdsourcing Tools

Smart assistants, automated workflows and advanced decision tools provide the most comprehensive Crowdsourced Innovation experience on the market.


  • Special Pairwise Voting Algorithms co-developed with the world’s leading market researcher Kantar™ delivers market leading voting precision
  • Social Forecasting™ provides the world’s most accurate forecasting of the market potential of new ideas and concepts
  • Star Voting, Commenting & Discussions, Idea Reviews, Gamification & Rewards

Crowdsourcing Reporting & KPIs

Use the most advanced and flexible Crowdsourcing Reporting Module on the market. Control all Crowdsourcing activities from your dashboard.


  • Build any report within 10 seconds with our proprietary Crowdsourcing Reporting Module.
  • KPIs, charts, tables, data downloads of PowerPoint-Charts or XLSX-files, public and private reports and much more
  • No trainings needed, simple and intuitive usability

Crowdsourcing Campaigns

Run effective campaigns for a range of topics, e.g. creativity, knowledge transfer, solution sourcing, testing, customer insights.


  • For all types of crowdsourcing activities, e.g. Ideation, Co-Creation, Voting, Crowdfunding, Concept Testing, Feedback and much more
  • Control which groups participate in which campaign, run multiple campaigns for different user groups in parallel
  • A built-in IP protection mechanism makes sure the ideas and IP stays safe and confidential

More Highlights of the CrowdWorx® Crowdsourced Innovation Software

Automated processes reduce workload

Automatic workflow processes with tasks and reminders, automatic assignment of roles, routing of ideas, as well as a comprehensive messaging system.

Lean Reporting & Lean KPIs

All relevant Lean Reports and Lean KPIs are provided in real-time with charts and tables. Create your own reports within 10 seconds without any training.

Gamification & Rewards

Implement any reward model and utilize built-in Gamification Tools to engage and incentivize participants.

Intelligent search

with synonyms and fuzzy logic searching across all ideas, all content, and all user profiles. Makes CrowdWorx a first-class innovation management knowledge base.

Video streaming

Enrich lean ideas and content with videos that can be uploaded and played on the platform – it’s like having your own Lean YouTube.

Survey module

Integrated survey software for soliciting feedback and opinions about improvements and lean from your users.

For all Smartphones and Tablets

Optimized for all mobile devices as well as desktop PCs. Ready for immediate mobile use without the need to install apps.

International and multilingual

CrowdWorx is available in the languages of your choice.

Request a demo

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Customer Examples

CrowdWorx’ Community Building & Community Management Services

Access Panels

Recruiting from over 5 million people in more than 40 countries, including B2C as well as B2B participants.

Community Building

Recruiting consumers, experts, freelancers, and creatives for your projects into your own private community.

Community Management

Management and maintenance of your custom-recruited community, including running campaigns, concept tests and surveys.

Advantages of CrowdWorx’ Crowdsourcing Software

Complete functionality for all Crowdsourcing Processes

Highly flexible and customizable for use by SMEs and global companies

Ready to launch in no time


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