Innovation Processes

With the right  Strategic Innovation Process your company can achieve the almost impossible!

Idea and Innovation Processes must flow quickly and link the right ideas with the right people. However, in real life time and resources are often scarce, the right decision-makers are not known, or there is no budget for implementation. To address these problems, we have developed a portfolio of innovation process modules, which are the foundation of our Strategic Innovation Process method.

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Goals & Strategic Fit

Together with management, a clear and concise objective is formulated which is then fit to the corporate strategy.

Management Commitment

The focus is on negotiating with management the resources required to achieve the goals. After this the global innovation goals are broken down to departmental goals together with each department manager. All negotiation results are being committed to by both management and each department manager.

Process structure and roles

Detailed process design or optimization of existing processes. Definition of an internal search process for experts, decision-makers, and implementers.

Manager Trainings & Idea Manager Coaching

Gradual but constant cultural change through trainings and practice of the innovation processes by managers. Training and support for idea managers during the first 6-12 months.

Incentive systems & reward rules

Development of simple and fair reward models. Above all, development of sustainable non-monetary motivation systems.

Reporting & KPIs

Definition of your KPIs, optimization of your innovation controlling, training in using our CrowdWorx® Innovation Reporting Engine.

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State of the Art Multi-Process Approach for Leading Organizations

In addition to the classic approach of a single uniform process, we also offer the ultra-modern multi-process approach, in which a separate, optimally designed process is used for each type of idea. The CrowdWorx platform brings every idea into the right process where it is then being processed.

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