Social Forecasting

Unlock the collective intelligence of employees, customers and suppliers for product development and market insights.

Social Forecasting™ Technology from CrowdWorx®

Use the wisdom of the crowd and unlock the collective intelligence of your company

Our unique Social Forecasting™ technology has been proven to provide more accurate forecasts on new products during the innovation process – not after significant funds have been sunk into their development. This information is probably the most valuable functionality an innovation management system can offer.

More accurate forecasts

Use highly accurate market insights for new product ideas before you invest in their development. Over 81% average forecast accuracy in over 3,000 projects.

Quick market feedback

Knowing how the market ticks, what wishes and needs customers have. In only 1 week from start to results.

Günstiger als traditionelle Befragungen

2x lower costs than surveys, experts and concept tests. Customer and employee perspective combined for a 360 degree evaluation. Also possible in several agile survey waves.

Social Forecasting™: Proven to be more accurate than market research!

10-year scientific long-term study confirms that Social Forecasting™ is more accurate than market research in 3 out of 4 cases. Social Forecasting™ also exceeds the performance of all experts.

Social Forecasting Genauigkeit EN

Source: Rietz et al. (2003): Accuracy and Standard Error in 10 Years of Study, University of Iowa, Working Paper

Social Forecasting™ at Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom uses the Social Forecasting™ technology from CrowdWorx for the Telekom Prediction Markets to bundle the distributed knowledge of employees in the shortest possible time and generate answers to important business questions.

Social Forecasting™ Services from CrowdWorx®

Provision of a forecasting market for social forecasting with your employees or with customers

Consulting and support for the implementation of surveys

Professional result processing of forecast questions in a clear report

Advanced Analytics: Advanced analyses, evaluations according to user groups, Word clouds and much more

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