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Why CrowdWorx?

Why CrowdWorx?

We know that Innovation Management is important: Independent research shows that innovation management increases profits by 3-10% p.a.! In the mid-term new products and services account for 50% of all revenues.

why crowdworx

Technology: USPs of the Innovation Engine™ platform

Our Innovation Engine™ platform is a customizable, modular, and complete Innovation Management system of the third generation. It utilizes the latest technologies and is equipped with superior usability as well as the latest security standards.

CrowdWorx USPs

Our unique Social Forecasting™ technology has been proven to deliver accurate forecasts for new products right during the innovation process – and not only after significant investment has been sunk into a new idea. This information is easily the most valuable feature an innovation management system can have: knowing which ideas will be met with market success and which won’t.

Consulting: Experience in various industries

As an integrated Innovation Provider its both the technology and the consulting services that are part of our DNA. Our experienced innovation consultants will guide you through the development of your Innovation Strategy, the organizational and technological implementation as well as workshops for top management. When necessary, we will bring additional consulting power from one of our premium implementation partners from Top 10 Consultancies (including McKinsey & Co., Ernst & Young, and booz strategy).

All Types of Innovation in one integrated platform

Our offering comprises all types of innovation, including product innovation, internal process improvements, and Open Innovation. Our modular Innovation Engine™ platform can be service all types of innovation in one integrated platform, for all locations and all stakeholder types.

All Sources of Innovation: Internal and external innovation

Employees are not the only source of ideas. Sometimes breakthrough ideas come from customers or suppliers. CrowdWorx enables companies to access both their own employee and supplier base as well as global customer panels in the Americas, Europe, and Asia!

While other innovation vendors are limited to certain types and sources of innovation, CrowdWorx is the one-stop shop for all your innovation needs. Our integrated value chain will deliver measurable gains in the speed of innovation execution vs. your competitors.

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