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We offer customized service and consulting packages which ensure a smooth introduction and optimal use of the CrowdWorx® platform in your company.

CrowdWorx Introduction Package

In order to succeed it is not enough to select the best innovation software. You need to have an innovation process which constantly delivers results and is based on best practice know-how.

Innovation Strategy Development

A strategic innovation program is an integral part of every company strategy. We join hands with you to develop your innovation strategy and align it with the strategic goals of your company.

Innovation Campaigns Package

Innovation Campaigns are a way for large groups of hundreds (or thousands) of employees to discuss and exchange ideas. Our Campaigns Package creates time-constrained events which achieve high internal visibility and foster long-term cooperation and buy-in into changes and new products.

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing

The CrowdWorx® Innovation Engine™ has been recognized as the technological State-of-the-Art for Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. In a CrowdWorx Open Innovation project you won’t stop with idea creation and voting but you will also be able to enrich the new ideas with Market Research Insights such as price points and volume estimations!

Other Services

We offer additional service packages, technical support and training so that you can get the most out of CrowdWorx®.


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