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Employee Communication 2.0: Wikis and blogs are so yesterday!

According to media reports the takeover of Yammer by the U.S. software giant Microsoft is only a matter of time. This brings the topic of social business and employee communication to the attention of the public. Yammer is a tool that allows the users to share presentations, calendars, notes and much more. It‘s a nice idea, if only the numerous comments could be bundled to help the management with decisions. Ultimately, it is every company‘s goal to achieve efficiency and a succesful utility measurement.

How do I combine the social business hype and utility measurement?

CrowdWorx proves to be a particularly powerful tool. It doesn’t produce huge amounts of comments, as with Yammer’s wikis and blogs. Instead, the management receives a single (or more) number, such as sales forecasts in dollars, growth rates in percent and so on, which then can be used as a basis of important decisions. This also makes it easier to measure the usage of CrowdWorx in companies. The questions relate primarily to future events, in order to give decision recommendations to the management. This knowledge primarily comes from employees, not consumers, because confidential business forecasts are often involved. The following chart illustrates what positive effects CrowdWorx could have in your company.
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