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Innovation Strategy Development

A strategic innovation program is a highly customized set of plans, rules, and goals which are designed to support the overall company strategy with suitable innovation activities. Due to the high degree of specificity we shall only provide a list of the main components of an innovation strategy here:

  • Overall company strategy, goals and capabilities
  • Identification of strategic innovation areas
  • Agreed timelines for the corporate innovation process (speed of innovation) in the competitive environment
  • Alignment of department strategies
  • Setup of responsibilities
  • Managerial buy-in
  • Change Management
  • Monitoring and reporting

CrowdWorx provides cutting edge consulting with both own consultants as well as consulting partners from the Top 20 innovation consultancies.

We make sure to solve your biggest challenge: connecting the dots between departments, regions which is usually inhibited by organizational design and control-based rules.

We are here to join hands with you to transform your company into an Innovation Engine™!


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