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Innovation Campaign Services

The CrowdWorx Innovation Campaign module is the most user-friendly, engaging, and powerful Innovation Campaigning tool available on the market. Drawing on this technological foundation we deliver impactful internal Innovation Campaigns, which align employees with your current innovation challenges and long-term goals.

  • Innovation Campaigns are a way for large groups of hundreds (or thousands) of participants, e.g. employees, to exchange ideas
  • Goal: Joint development of solutions for a given problem
  • Duration: Time-constrained, usually 2-4 weeks. Short Competitions of 24 to 72 hours are called JAMs.
  • Participation happens exclusively online and is thus not subject to time, local, or hierarchical boundaries
  • Participation is voluntary, every participant may submit solutions which are being discussed, improved, and finally evaluated by other participants
  • Generate process or product improvements for given focused problems or products
  • Aligning employees with strategic changes, internal Change Management processes
  • Providing an opportunity for employees to engage deeper with a strategic shift, a new product, a new business line etc. thus enabling and greatly improving implementation of the novelties
  • Mobilizing and motivating employees for a common goal
  • Finding new and surprising solution off the beaten paths of an organization
  • Fostering communication and cooperation across departments

Innovation Campaign Process

Case Study Daimler AG

  • Topic: Develop specific service ideas for the new CrossCoupé platform
  • Goal: Foster an open innovation culture, establish a permanent product innovation community across the participating departments
  • Participants: Employees from the R&D and Marketing departments
  • Output: 311 specific ideas, about 1/3 of them being immediately implements, the others being routed and implemented by adjacent departments
  • Impact: Establishment of a dynamic Community that will recognize future cross-departmental opportunities and cooperate with each other online. Change towards an open collaborative culture.
  • Overall: High acceptance of the Competition, good participation rate and positive feedback from participants

Case Study Deutsche Telekom AG

  • Topic: How can we establish cross-departmental collaboration, in order be able to approach new markets, e.g. IP-TV at home and on the go?
  • Goal: Selecting 10-15 top ideas, as well as implementing 3-5 change projects for improving cross-departmental cooperation
  • Duration: 72 hours
  • Participants: Participants from many departments, e.g. T-Home M, T-Mobile M, T-Cable TV Network Operations, Telekom Product Services
  • Impact: 164 specific ideas for the challenge at hand; by generating and discussion ideas with the affected departments, barriers to change were lowered and change management was more effective and faster.
  • Very good reception, high activity and positive participant feedback

Our services include

  • We develop the Innovation Campaign according to your specifications.
  • We work together with your internal marketing and communication to engage employees.
  • Operational support throughout the Campaign, including user support, community management, monitoring, and engagement.
  • Capability building: On the job training of a Campaign leaders who will manage and run future Innovation Campaigns without support from the CrowdWorx services team.
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