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CrowdWorx Introduction Package

In order to succeed it is not enough to select the best innovation software. You need to have an innovation process which constantly delivers results and is based on best practice know-how.

Setting up an innovation process

Our consultants will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your CrowdWorx® innovation tools. We apply best-practice knowledge to boost your innovation activity. We consider industry-specific best practices for creating short-term, measureable results. The most important precondition for innovation success is having a well-established process. Such a process is typically a detailed version of the generic process depicted in the following image.

Organizational model

Depending on your company culture, the geographic distribution of locations, available resources, and your strategic goals, different organizational structures can be suitable for your innovation program. In the ‘traditional model’, all ideas go to a central idea management department which routes the ideas further down the pipeline.

The decentralized ‘line manager model’ approach all ideas are first checked by line managers before they proceed to implementation.

The most popular approach are mixed models these days which join the best of both worlds into one flexible process.

A survey of small, medium and large business shows how idea management programs are organized today.

Based on our experience we will support you in finding the best model for your organization and company strategy. This includes change management consulting when implementing the new model. We make sure that your process is fully up and running before we conclude the introduction process.

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