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White Papers

Download our best practice know-how and background information on Innovation Management, Social Forecasting, Enterprise 2.0 deployment and Online Community.

  • Innovation is a goal that many companies aspire to. However, only few manage to become truly innovative in the process. This white paper provides an overview of the basic rules companies who want to transform themselves into innovators should follow and simple innovation framework which serves as a starting point for this.PDF Downloaden
  • Building an innovation community online, both public and private, is only the first step. In order to keep a community going, you need to make sure the members are engaged and interested. This white paper discusses seven tried and tested methods to ensure a good level of commitment in the community in the long-term.PDF Downloaden
  • Innovation management involves a lot of decision making. This is especially true during the idea evaluation stages. The inherent danger in this phase is that great ideas are discarded due to insufficient information, risk aversion, or simply personal bias. Conversely, poor ideas can advance and end up as a failure – as can be seen often times in the market. Social Forecasting™ technology offers a solution to this dilemma. It harnesses the Collective Intelligence of groups of people and ensures that all ideas are assessed in an objective manner. Social Forecasting™ has proven to generate more accurate predictions on product success, pricing, and sales figures than other methods and has helped to significantly reduce new product failure rates as well as launch successful new products.PDF Downloaden
  • Many companies have a very narrow view of innovation. However, innovation can happen in many dimensions of a business. This is exemplified in a concept called the Innovation Radar which has been pioneered by Mohanbir Sawhney, Robert C. Wolcott and Inigo Arroniz. The Innovation Radar integrates established and new perspectives on where a company may innovate and suggests some practical applications.PDF Downloaden
  • Innovation remains a hot topic among managers and executives. However, there are a number of barriers within a company that can delay innovation or even bring it to a grinding halt. The most common obstacles to innovation are outlined in this article, plus some hints on how to overcome them.PDF Downloaden