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Idea & Innovation Management Platform: We make innovation a repeatable and quantifiable process

At the core of each innovation process is a simple yet powerful  Innovation Management software platform, which will connect the right ideas with the right people for execution. Our advanced Innovation Management software is equipped with features, which enable a repeatable and quantifiable innovation process by reliably identifying and evaluating ideas and helping the organization to execute on them.

Innovation Management New Product Ideas

Ideation & Discussions: New and better-quality ideas!

Ideas are the first stage in the innovation management process but you don’t want the same ideas to be submitted over and over and the quality of ideas needs to fulfill a certain minimum and meet certain criteria. CrowdWorx supports this crucial first step of the innovation process in multiple ways:

Lower barriers for participants: Submitting an idea is done with 1-click wizards

Rich media: Users can add supporting documents, videos, links etc. to better explain their ideas

Types of ideas: Product idea, service idea, marketing idea, sales idea, and custom ideas types

Improvement of submitted ideas: A new idea usually needs feedback and improvements before it enters the internal review process. This important step is supported by CrowdWorx with some well-established mechanisms, e.g.

  • Comments and discussion features: The comments and perspectives of other colleagues helps idea authors improve their ideas
  • Team work: New ideas need a lot of support to survive in an organization. The CrowdWorx system provides team rooms where people can focus on an idea and gather early support for it.

Innovation Campaigns: Generate focused ideas quickly

When you need ideas for a specific issue, an Innovation Campaign is the best approach. Participants will focus on quickly generating ideas and solutions for a given challenge within the CrowdWorx platform. Find out more about conducting an Innovation Campaign.

Prioritization & Evaluation: Never miss a good idea again!

Well specified ideas move further down the innovation pipeline and enter a customizable step-wise evaluation process. The CrowdWorx® Innovation Engine™ software provides unique technology for reliably identifying the best ideas.

CrowdWorx® Pairwise Voting System: The first voting system to generate valid results from online votings.

CrowdWorx® Social Forecasting™: High-accuracy forecasts revenue, unit sales, and price points of new ideas – without the need for costly investment in market research! Find out more about Social Forecasting™

Reviews: All the feedback for a given idea, e.g. business cases, cost benefit analyses, feasibility studies etc., is collected in the system for review.

Decisions: The current state of each idea is always available in the CrowdWorx system and enables all stakeholders to understand and track the progress.

Implementation: Resources and Project Management

When all evaluations are in favor of an idea it can move on to the implementation phase, which the CrowdWorx platform will support:

Project team: To give a new product idea a fair chance you need a team which has an incentive to implement and test the new idea quickly. CrowdWorx provides virtual project rooms where each team member can be assign a specific role.

Project Management: CrowdWorx supports the work of the project team with built-in task tracking tools. Alternatively, CrowdWorx can connect to your existing project management tools.

Stakeholder Management: By gathering a team around an idea early on in the ideation phase (see above) important stakeholder will already be in the look and necessary changes and resources will be achieved easier with less organizational resistance!

Reporting: Manage your innovation pipeline

As the saying goes: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”. Therefore, the CrowdWorx Innovation Management platform features a wide set of analytics and reporting features, including presentation-ready PowerPoint reports.

Management Cockpit: With charts and tables for activity levels, innovation pipeline, evaluation statistics and custom analyses.

Automation of PowerPoint and Word: CrowdWorx will end the need for manual PPT production.

Data exports: Get the full data from the system for deep dive analyses.

Innovation Reporting - Manage Your Innovation Pipeline

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