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IBM plans to lay off 70% of employees for crowdsourcing


According to several media reports (Reuters, Techgig), IBM plans a huge job reduction and restructuring of their workforce. This plan incorporates the release of up 300,000 of its employees (ca. 70% of its worldwide workforce) and then rehiring them as freelancers without the social benefits of a full-time worker.   We, at CrowdWorx, think that this is not the way things should work with crowdsourcing. We believe, employees do not have to be fired in order to crowd source their potential. Our own crowdsourcing approach shows how employee-based crowdsourcing can work effectively. In our approach the crowdsourcing happens within the company. This is in contrast to traditional crowdsourcing, which is used to gather inputs from consumers or external experts.  The major difference and advantage of employee-based crowdsourcing: The employee is both your „consumer“ and your „expert“. Each of your employees is a consumer in their private life outside the company, but still an expert for his company and its products and market. Big companies like Henkel or Tchibo have already successfully introduced CrowdWorx amongst their employees. German Telco giant Deutsche Telekom is using this kind of crowdsourcing to gather the knowledge of 240,000 employees to get accurate predictions and decision support. Global Consumer Goods corporation Henkel used CrowdWorx to raise its forecasting accuracy by 22%, which results in an annual EBIT increase of 40 million Euros, just by using employee-based crowdsourcing. Time will show which approach is going to last and we will be keeping you up to date on any new developments in the industry.
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