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Case Studies

Download client case studies about the introduction and operation of Innovation Management platforms, Idea Management systems, and Crowdsourcing projects. Find out how CrowdWorx clients have succeeded to turn their companies into Innovation Engines!

  • insurance

    Innovation Campaigns power the next generation of insurance products

    To tap into new digital business models a global insurance company is running Innovation Campaigns with its employees and customers. CrowdWorx’ unique Innovation Campaign platform is the backbone of this global crowdsourcing effort, which powers the whole innovation pipeline of the company.

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  • ICT industry

    ICT industry: Innovation management platform for new digital products and services

    CrowdWorx’ Innovation Engine™ platform enables a 2,000 employee ICT firm to better respond to the challenge of the digital revolution by collecting ideas from its employees and quickly turning them into new products and services. The best-practice process by which the platform was introduced has delivered sustained activity levels and an improvement in the quality and the number of ideas.PDF Downloaden
  • Engineering

    Engineering industry: Internal Idea Management platform for new products and internal improvements

    CrowdWorx’ Idea Management software enables one of the world’s leading engineering firms to streamline innovation efforts across their diverse pool of divisions and subsidiaries. CrowdWorx provides custom innovation processes to each division while enabling unified group-wide innovation controlling and positive spill-over effects from sharing ideas globally across divisions.PDF Downloaden
  • VW Logo

    Volkswagen mobilizes its employees with large-scale innovation campaigns

    The Volkswagen sales department had to contribute cost savings and revenue increases for a large-scale transformation program. An innovation campaign was implemented within only a few weeks which resulted in very high employee mobilization and excellent contributions towards Volkswagens transformation program.PDF Downloaden
  • BA Logo

    The German Federal Employment Agency runs innovation campaigns to quickly boost organizational performance

    The German Federal Employment Agency is working on one of the biggest IT projects in its history. A central integration team of 65 people needed to find effective ways to cooperate with more than 600 IT developers from other teams. With CrowdWorx the team quickly found optimal solutions to its challenges and boosted its productivity within three months.PDF Downloaden
  • Tchibo Logo

    High-speed idea management at Tchibo

    At Tchibo, managers need to decide on a weekly basis which new products will be popular with customers. CrowdWorx harnesses the collective intelligence of the Tchibo employees to make sure that only winners are selected.PDF Downloaden
  • Syngenta Logo

    CrowdWorx helps Syngenta focus on the right products

    The demand for seeds and pesticides depends on many factors, such as weather and agricultural subsidy policy, and is therefore very difficult to predict. With the help of CrowdWorx, Syngenta was able to accurately forecast the needs of farmers and offer the right products at the right time.PDF Downloaden
  • Zeppelin_new_small

    Zeppelin Rental taps local market insights from its more than 100 outlets nationwide

    For Zeppelin Rental, CrowdWorx is a hub for employee engagement and retention. With CrowdWorx the company is asking its employees for market feedback and thus establishing a direct channel between management and work force. The best answers receive rewards, too. The CrowdWorx approach created sustained employee engagement which surpassed the expectations of the client!PDF Downloaden
  • Henkel Logo

    Right on the money: Unit sales forecasts for new products

    CrowdWorx’ Social Forecasting™ technology enabled Henkel to improve its sales forecasting accuracy for new products by 22 percent, which translates into an annual EBIT increase of millions of Euro per region.PDF Downloaden
  • Deutsche Telekom Logo

    Deutsche Telekom delivers New Products just at the right price with the help of CrowdWorx

    With the help of CrowdWorx’ Innovation Engine™, Deutsche Telekom was able to pin-point the price sweet-spot for new products for wireless internet access in stadiums. Based on pricing from CrowdWorx, the German Major League football team Bayer 04 Leverkusen will be the first to introduce this new product of Deutsche Telekom.PDF Downloaden